Reservists Wives Get No Love

Well, I'm Stacy and I'm 23. My husband is a Lcpl in a combat engineering unit out of Battle Creek, MI. We were married in July and he left on December 5th. This is our first deployment and I don't feel like either of us really knew what to expect from all of this.

I think the hardest part of being a reservist wife is that there doesn't seem to be a lot of support. I feel really out of the loop, since we live an hour and a half away from the reserve station, and I never really got the chance to meet any other SOs, let alone build relationships with anyone. It'd be really great to feel like I'm part of a community who can truly understand how you feel, instead of people who may never know what it's like to be seperated from the person you love.

I just feel really cut off and my emotions have gotten to the point of constant overflow. It takes a lot for me to ust laugh and act normal for an hour, but then I break down. Does anyone have any advice? 

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No matter what reserve or not a marine wife is a marine wife, we all have the same role and responsibilities as wifes of marines. We must like our men carry with us the same values and the same motto. we must honor our husbands decision and the duty we have as wives. we must commit ourselves to our marine and only him, while helping other wives and their marines through the life we chose. we as wives must have courage to with stand those long and stressful deployments and tiome away from our marines. courage to stand on our own two feet and stand strong and to always look to brighter days, but not forgetting to prepare ourselves for the unfortunate chances of losing our marines. We must like marines to the marine corps say semper fi and stick by our men. it is hard to stay home especially with children and think of the worst, but we must also live by another motto for our marines "never giving up" never give up on the one who would stick by us in hard times and the one who is not just fighting for the country but for us. no matter what you must know that u are fighting to and hopefully you know what ur fignhting for i do.

Hey, it's my second deployment and it does get easier. I think God grants us the grace of our bodies getting somewhat used to the stress and "even out". Keep busy! Send snail mail and motomail. Journal and write, it does help. Hang out with people whom you are comfortable with. And I slept with my phone, 80% of Patrick's calls were between 2-3am. Feel free to message me with any specific questions.

Try to stay busy and as postive as you can. Your a strong womena nd have made it this far. before long it will all be over and you will look and think that even though at the time he was away it seemed like afges. The time has passed quite quickly. I'm here if you ever want to chat.x