Living On Base

Okay so I'm living at home with my parents right now while my boyfriend is at SOI, but he wants to get married soon and have me move to Lejeune with him... What happens when he gets deployed? Do I stay on the base by myself or go home?
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4 Responses Mar 5, 2009

I got married 5 months before my husband deployed the first time. We had an off-base apartment, I stayed there. He just deployed again in January, and this time I came home to be with the family. So, I have had both experiences. The main reason I'm with family is to save $ as we'll be done with the Corps in less than a year. It depends on your home situation, how supportive your family is, and your own preferences. I came back to a great job and family, it's an adjustment to be with my parents again, but it's not bad.

Right now he's at Geiger but he's not sure where he's going next. He'll find out in a few weeks

I would stay stability when he gets back is a great thing for them what base is your Marine stationed at?

Well thats exactly hat happen to me... we got married and now in 2 months he gets deployed. And Im wondering what Im suppose to do while he is gone. But the good part of it is that he will have a home with you when he gets back... Im going through it right now and its not easy... it kinda sucks because i dont know anyone but I chose to stay for him... it makes him happy. But its a big decision! If you need to talk im here love!