In Need of Some Other Marine Wifes to Hang Out With

Ive been at Lejeune for a few months and have only met one wife that i like. We are looking for some other people to hang out with this week while or husbands are at the field. If there is anyone interested in maybe having a few drinks with us and making some new friends, then write me. We would love to meet new people.

CodysWife CodysWife
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3 Responses Mar 23, 2009

I come to Lejuene on weekends to visit my fiance and would love to start to meet other ladies down there.

ill be movin there in 2 wks to be with my hubby

Look for a user named Jadesrayne. She says she just got here to LeJeune 3 weeks ago and wants to meet some Marine wives. Only problem is that she has no car or phone yet.<br />
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And when you get ready for a tattoo, come see<br />
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I've been here in J-ville for 30 years.