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HeY Ladies..

just wanted to introduce myself.Im Lisset and im currently going to school to get my LVN license..My marine is about to leave me all by lone self ..lol..for his first deployment to afghan..we got married september of last year.through the court only.but when he gets back we're going to have an actual big beautiful ceremony..which i am soo excited about..I would love to meet other marine wives while my hubby is deployed..

lisset lisset
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hi, i'm katie. :)<br />
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we got married last september too! and trav's been in afghan for almost two months now. we're stationed in 29, but since he's over there i came back here to tx. <br />
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welcome. :)

Hey! My name is Allison, my hubby and I have been married for two months now (crazy!!) My hubby is in Cali right now going through MOS school. It feels like its been forever, but after reading so many other women's stories, two months is NOTHING! I hope you find the support you need here! If you ever wanna chat or anything, message me!

hi. my name is alisha. i just recently got married in dec. i know how it is to be away while deployment...it sucks!