A New Fantasy

This hadn't been a fantasy of mine until after I joined EP. I have to admit though, it is something I'm interested in trying.

Since I enjoy wetlook (swimming, showering, bathing fully clothed), I thought peeing in one's clothes is at least somewhat related.

I have learned there are multiple aspects to wetting. Some like the feeling of a full bladder and desperation, and just barely making it to the bathroom. Others ultimately like having an accident. While others like doing it intentionally.

I enjoy reading stories about all types of wetting, and after a while, I thought why not try it. Since then, I have peed my pants a couple of times, as well as in skirts, and dresses. It is fun. For me, the excitement comes from doing something intentionally that isn't done normally.

One doesn't normally go swimming fully clothed. Men don't normally wear women's clothing. And yet I find both of those activities to be very appealing. People don't normally pee in their clothes, so...why not give it a try. I have peed my pants a couple of times, as well as in skirts, and dresses. I'll admit, I put myself in a situation one time where I drank a lot of water, and was no where near a bathroom and was not really in a position to stand next to a tree, and unzip my pants to relieve myself. I waited until I couldn't hold it any longer, and then let go. My goodness - did I soak myself! I had to spend the rest of the day in my pee soaked clothes too.

I think, however, I prefer to dress up nicely and wait until I need to go. Not to the point of desperation per se, but with a clear need to pee. I then like going into the bathroom and standing in the shower or tub. I've also sat down in the tub for this as well.

I think it would be fun if someone was peeing their pants at the same time. Maybe an ePee on EP? (pun clearly intended) LOL!!!
BizSuitStacy BizSuitStacy
56-60, T
Jan 9, 2013