I Wonder.....

hi guys today when i take a break while studying smthing i lie down in my bed naked with door closed i was totally obcessed by my sexy thoughts. @ that time my urge desire was to have a gf with me with whom i wud have been living alone.though i'm a straight woman. gf of mine must have same sexfull thoughts as of mine.we can move nude together at any hour in home and who can b with me in my bed both of us totally naked. she b in my bed in such a position that her boobs touching mine back with her hands at my boobs grabbing me in her.then caress me message me pinch my **** twist nipples moving my boobs as she like to then i turned to her make her a deep french kiss,then move my fingers around her,caress her lick her round and round against nipples,twist'em,tease'em,lick'em roll'em nibble and suck'em suck'em for hours same suckling she does at me we lmake laughs moans..... then message one and other boobs.then we sit as in one and other with boobs specially nipples of hers touching mine we hug eachother so tightly with leg wrap around one and other then once she make me suckle her all night and next time me by her.then whole time whenever we b home shud b nude making love sexy things with one and other. always playing and enjoying with one and other. unfortunately its not possible for me. i miss it. may b some day i'll.
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2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Great story...

That sounds very hot and naughty. I'd SO LOVE to observe you playing like this with another girl and perhaps you'd let me get in the action :) I'd LOVE to suckle your breasts, but also eat out your wet *****, you may sit on my face and feed me your wet ***** to eat out your juices, that's so delicious, thank you so much.