My Fantastic First Gang Bang

I have always been VERY sexually active with other men, (see all of my stories), & recently I told my bf & my cuck husband that I had long held a fantasy about being gang banged.

My bf asked how many guys I'd like to do it with, & I said perhaps 5, but they would have to be kind, clean, discreet, and all have at least 7" of ****. He said he could set it up if I liked, as he knew of 4 of his friends who had often told him just how much they'd like to **** me.

After thinking about it for a few moments, I agreed to do it. My husband was flabbergasted! (He knows all about my sexual exploits of course, including the fact that I once had 2 of his closest friends at the same time, & I have made him watch & take part on 2 occasions with my bfs, but he never knew I wanted SEVERAL men at once).

Seeing the look on his face, I suddenly got a wicked idea. -- "you can watch me with them!" I told him. "I want you to see 5 men all ******* your wife at the same time, while you are helpless to do anything about it!"

My bf made arrangements for the event to take place about a week later. He rang & told me to place a kitchen chair in our bedroom, ready for my husband to be tied down, & to dress myself in my sexiest lingerie, including suspenders, stockings & heels, & to make sure my panties were completely crotchless, but he said I wasn't to wear a negligee, as he wanted his friends to see & fully appreciate my body.

He said that when they arrived, my husband was to greet them at the door wearing only a "G" string, & that I should be draped across the lounge in my underwear & heels.

It all sounded very exciting, & with great expectation, I prepared myself by shaving my *****, showering & putting on my sexiest perfume & makeup, after which I dressed in a matching outfit of purple bra, crotchless panties & suspenders with black lace edging, black nylons & black stiletto heels. I then ordered my husband to dress as my bf had ordered, handing him my tiniest see through lace "G" string. After he had put it on I fitted his EXTREMELY tight **** ring over his tiny little penis to ensure he couldn't get an erection. -- He was mortified, but he knew he had do my bidding.

Soon after the doorbell rang, & I sent my husband to the door while I lay on our lounge, my legs apart, one knee bent & my foot on the lounge, the other on the floor, ensuring that as they entered, each guy would have a clear view of my open *****. I pinched my nipples through my bra to make them nice & hard.

As my bf & his 4 friends entered the room, each of them gaped & their eyes bulged when they saw me, & I felt a tingle pass through my spine as I noticed the rapidly growing bulges in their trousers as they ogled my body. -- From the size of each of those bulges, I knew I was going to have a good time!

The guys all quickly ******** & I was pleased to see 5 magnificent & very erect *****, -- the shortest being about 7", & 3 others between 7 1/2" &
8 1/2", & all were quite thick! (My bf, as I've stated previously, has a massive, very thick, 10 1/2"!).

The guys lifted me & carried me to the bedroom, my bf ordering my pathetic cuck husband to follow. -- Once in the bedroom they gently laid me across the bed, & 2 of them joined me, one on each side of me, while the other 3 tied my husband to the chair, using cable ties around his wrists & ankles.

As I watched my husband being tied up, the guys next to me ******** off my bra & panties, & one began kissing me &playing with my wet *****, teasing my **** & sliding his fingers inside me. The other started fondling & sucking my breasts. I opened my legs to allow better access to my slit.

I heard my bf say to my husband, "we're all going to eat you wife's *****, then we're all going to **** her, then we'll watch as you clean our *** from her. -- Suck my ****!" My husband parted his lips & once more my bf pushed his massive **** head into his mouth. The other 2 guys laughed as they watched my cuck husband suck ****.

My bf then came over to the bed & knelt between my open thighs. He bent forward & began softly licking my *****, sending me wild with his expert tongue. I saw one of the guys stick HIS **** in my husband's mouth, then the other did the same.

Each of the 5 guys took turns eating & licking my *****, making me SO wet, -- & then I orgasmed, -- waves of ecstasy crashing over me.

I then felt my bf raise me from the bed & slide his huge **** into my ****. One of the others slid underneath me, & I felt his throbbing **** push against my ***, & suddenly he was fully inside me too, -- his **** all the way up my ***.

One guy knelt by my head & pushed his **** into my mouth. Hungrily I sucked it deep into my throat as my ***** & *** were pounded with delicious ****-meat. I grasped the ***** of the remaining 2 guys in my hands, pulling & stroking them as they fondled my breasts, pinching my hard aching nipples.

Suddenly I "came" again! -- This was all too much! -- I had never had 5 guys at the same time, & I felt like I was in heaven!

Over the next 2 hours each of the guys took turns doing me, -- each had his **** in my *****, my *** & my mouth at some stage. -- I lost count of the number of ******* I had, & I nearly passed out from the pleasure they were giving me.

Finally we were all sated & exhausted, & collapsed across the bed. I was covered in *** & I could feel it oozing from my every orifice.

I looked across at my husband, who sat, his head lowered, but with his eyes fixed upon me, tears of shame rolling down his cheeks as he looked at the gallons of *** running out of me & down my chin.

My bf got off of the bed & stood in front of my husband. "Clean my ****!" he ordered, "lick your wife's *** from my ****!"

My husband did as he was told, then the other 4 guys made him clean THEM as well.

After he had finished, my bf untied him saying, "now clean your wife. -- we want to watch you lick every drop of our *** from her **** & *** after you've cleaned her face & mouth!

My husband came over to me & did as he was ordered. When he was bent between my legs, eating their *** from my slit, one of the guys moved behind him & grabbed his *** cheeks, pulling them wide apart.

My husband began to struggle. The guy told his friends to hold my husband, & then said "I'm going to **** him! -- I want to stick my **** up his *** while he licks *** from his **** wife's *****!"

He then literally raped my cuck husband while I watched & had him continue eating *** from my ****.

I could see how ashamed my husband was, fresh tears streaming down his face, yet I was excited at the same time.

After the first guy had raped him, the others pulled him from me & bent him over the bed. I watched, gently stroking my ****, sucking my bf's ****, & having yet another ****** as I watched him being raped by each of the other 3 of my recent lovers, who all took turns holding him down & ******* him, all the while laughing at him.

My bf "came" in my mouth, then we all got off the bed & went out into the lounge to watch ***** movies, leaving my husband laying in shame, *** oozing from his abused ***.

Much later we returned to the bedroom, ordering my husband to leave, & then we spent the rest of the day, -- just the 6 of us, on my bed. I was ****** & ****** & ******, & eventually I DID pass out from ecstasy & sheer exhaustion.

It was the greatest day of my life so far!
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That is hot!

What a hot story!! Please, please invite me to the next session!

What a fantasy!