It's time for our annual trip alone to the sun. Just hotel, beach, booze... I'll get her drinking at lunchtime then down to the nudist beach. She doesn't mind as it's very quiet. Normally there some fit naked blokes for her to pretend she's not looking at. But this time I'm going to try and get us sat nearer to anyone decent. I want to get her naked in their full view and I want her looking at them. I'll **** her in the sea but tell her to look at the guy/s whilst I do. I'm going to get her to admit she wants other *****. Like she did before but now denies. I'm going to try to get us talking to any guys there or at the hotel. If she's ever going to **** anyone else, it's going to be away from home. For 3 years I've been thinking about watching her get ****** by one or more in the sea in front of me and spending a night in our hotel room coming again and again with some fit young hunk pumping her ***** with a massive **** and filling her up with come. That would be awesome. I'll get there one day. It's just about the opportunity.
Citizen5 Citizen5
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

Hope the drinks flow to get her in the mood

what we really need is a men's sports team staying there!

Good luck. Hope it happens for you and her

Horny college boys work too