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The Sybian is man's great gift to woman kind!   Men, do you like to watch your wife's naked body writhe with powerful *******?  Do you enjoy sweat glistening skin and the dominant horse saddle position?  If listening to your wife scream her satisfaction and requiring aid to be removed from a ******* machine are experiences you hope to have, the the Sybian is just the gift for you.  Your wife will like it too! 

Prices begin at about 1400, but if you've ever heard the saying, you get what you pay for ... in this little beauty that saying is true!  You can test ride a Sybian at many local swingers clubs and what a great way to introduce your wife to the idea of swinging... "Honey, we're grown ups... why would we care if folks are having sex in that room or this ... we just want to ride the Sybian"

PS ... my wife has made me ride the Sybian and guys... if those sorts of pleasures are good for you... UH HUH!

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16 Responses Jul 24, 2010

That must have been fun. :) There's no way we could have handled something like that... she'd have bit mine off.

That must have been fun. :) There's no way we could have handled something like that... she'd have bit mine off.

I watched one of my gf's ride a Sybian. Had me hard and dripping in seconds watching her ***! It was fantastic ******* her face while this machine ****** her.

So you'll be taking Friday off from work then sweetie? When our divorce is being finalized, won't the lawyers and judge be annoyed that we spent more time fighting over the toy collection than custody of the kids?<br />
<br />
Southernman - double vibrating eggs are the best and most versitile toys in our collection! We wore out the last and bought a new set at the last swingers' dance for just $10. Pure bliss ...

Go take a cold shower. The only ravaging that's going on around here tonight is my toy collection having one last great fling with me before it gets thrown away! You will have to pry them from my hands to get them in the garbage, though. Till death do us part referred to toys, didn't it?

Don't be afraid of the toys, I may have to relate a story from a while back about a pair of vibrating eggs...hmmmmm<br />
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Worst that could happen is they want us to go to work to pay the electric bill.<br />
<br />
*scratching my head as to why the electric bill doubled last month*

well said smilingfaces ... you tell him ... personally I'd never want to replace a real flesh and blood man with a machine ... at least not on a permanent basis ... not unless you could somehow combine a tea or coffee machine into the Symian ... now why didn't I think of that before? A machine that could make me a cup of tea afterwards ... just like a real man ... now we're talking ...

Are you trying to seduce me woman? How dare you speak so seductively to me in the middle of the afternoon!! BEHAVE or you will be ravaged tonight.

Just because you are afraid of them does NOT mean that I am. You just want the garbagemen to get interested and come find out who they belonged to (I guess that you would rather I spell that "***")

If we listen to WIB ... she won't need our flesh and blood anymore!!! Shall we add 100 degree heating elements to really toss out the need for live flesh? :) I'm afraid i'm scared of toys now! SF... we're going to have a large pile for the trashmen this week.

Every once in a while I come up with a good one ;-)

haha ... well it's not that I mind being on top ... lol ... in fact it's better for double penetration anyhow (!!) but a machine needs to be versatile ... that's my point here ... it's like a flesh and blood lover ... I like variety!

Now we're talking technological advancement Southernman! Well done... face to face ... looking in each other's eyes... kissing and letting the machine handle the hard part!

Yes ... I confess - old folks like YOU (and me and my wife) need that puppy off the floor. :) Still - bliss... reserve judgment until you go for a ride, it's wild.<br />
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Hmmm... what a great business model... 10 rooms each with a different machine ... $20 rent the room for 30 mins. Video tapes for sale at the front desk. Adult Adventures. i'm sure my wife and I would be regulars there!<br />
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I was chatting with a woman last week and she told me that many men are intimidated by toys though... could that be true? Am I that naive?

I was going to say along the lines of "double" do they have one where both parties could ride at the same time!

Sounds good to me ... I have to say that "sex machines" have always fascinated me ... and I've had many fantasies about inventing the perfect one ... the Sybian seems to be a good invention but personally I would favour something which could do the job in different positions as well as with "me on top". Perhaps with double penetration too ... hmmm ... back to the drawing board ... lol