Wife Spanked By Mother

I saw my wife get spanked by her mother, it happened about ten years ago when we were in our twenties and had been married about a year, and were living with Joan (my mother in law) whilst awaiting a house.

On the particular day Marie (my wife) and Joan got involved in an argument that got quite heated, and ended with Marie telling her mum to **** off... Joan went absolutley ballistic,grabbed hold of her daughter and pulled her over her knee, causing her short skirt to rise revealing her white panties, and gave her four hard slaps across her knickered bottom.           Had Marie kept quiet, then that would have been the end of the matter, but she came out with a volley of abuse and swear words, that even I didn't know she knew.   Which probably was' not the best idea considering the position she was in, upended over her mothers lap.       Joan was quite a big women and with no effort at all she pulled Marie further over her lap till her face was almost touching the floor, put her left arm firmly around her errant daughters waist,gripping her firmly, and with her right hand pulled her skirt right up, and then yanked her knickers down, leaving her bottom totaly bare and vunerable, with the hand prints from the earlier slaps  highlighting the pale flesh of Marie's backside.   She then reached down and slid off her rubber soled slipper, and gripping it firmly, told Marie that even a married woman was never too big to get her bottom spanked, and a good slippering was well over due. Marie was wriggling furiously and her legs were kicking wildly in the air, but Joan had her held secure, and intended to keep her that way for some time.                          She bought the slipper down on Marie 's bare bottom with a loud slap, and followed it with five more in quick succession which caused Marie to wriggle franticly trying to break free, there was a slight pause ,then followed another six slaps, with the slipper making contact with a different piece of bottom flesh every time, with each stroke her bottom would wobble like a jelly on a plate, and the pale skin turn a dak shade of pink, even the tops of her legs were recieving the same attention as her backside.   Again a brief pause then the slipper would descend with vigour on those upturned cheeks. By now Marie was  yelling and crying alternatively, her body twisting wildly and her legs kicking furiously in the air, and her hands beating on the carpet in desperation. But there was no escape and no stopping Joan who had the look of a woman on a mission as she delivered the stinging slaps to her daughters behind..       Marie had a low cut top on and her boobs had popped out earlier, and with each slap from the slipper they would bounce adoringly....                                         By now I was sat mesmorised feeling totaly turned on at the sight of my wife getting her bottom spanked and watching the change in colour from pink to red to scarlet. It was a scene that I will never forget.

 Eventualy after a few more pauses followed each time by six more slaps. The spanking conceded, and Joan pulled her tearful daughter to her feet, her hands going straight round to soothe her aching bottom. Joan told her she hoped she 'd learnt her lesson, and left the room leaving the two of us together. I took Marie in my arms and gave her a cuddle and could'nt believe the heat that was coming from her backside when I put my hands on her hot swollen cheeks ................

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My mother-in-law and wife have both taken me over their knees for bare bottom spankings whenever they think I need it.

Did it ever happen again?

Yes, I'm sure my husband would love to see me spanked by my mum. Because he's too much of a wimp to do it himself.<br />
<br />
Not sure what he'd of make of his father who spanked me when he caught me having an affair. Rather than losing my comfortable lifestyle I took it. Wasn't very pleasant for me but I suspect, hugely satisfying for him!

I am intruiged - to bad you married a wimp. if i were his father, and disciplined you for an affair, it would have been very hard, very shameful, and i would have made sure you thanked me properly for caring..

And the fact I wear stockings and suspenders for work wouldn't have something to do with your keeness I guess lol

poor wife, and you just stood there, i would have taken her spanking....lol

I agree. Her mom should have told you should control your wife, and then give you the spanking.

By the time my daughter was 13 corporal punishment had been abolished in state schools. She had been playing up, nearly expelled and was drifting into bad company.I was far too lenient with her,part blaming myself as I had recently split with her father. In fairness I think she realised that she was heading for big trouble but didn't know how to stop.<br />
When we moved it seemed like a good opportunity to make a new start so I had a long chat with her in which I made it clear that I would no longer put up with all the worry. The headmistress at her new school was of course aware of her record.Although other sanctions were available the standard punishment was detention in 15 minute blocks up to a hour,so I arranged for the school to inform me if my daughter was so detained, enabling me to deal with her at home.<br />
I explained to her that for every quarter hour detention she received she would get a stroke of the slipper on each buttock with one across the middle. More than one detention and the total would be doubled and repeated at the weekend. All on the bare bottom,naturally, as I had been punished in my time.<br />
This threat worked wonders,she kept out of trouble for a whole term and her school-work improved out of all recognition. When she finally slipped up it was obvious she hoped I'd forgotten or would let her off. Letting her believe this for a few hours I said that there was a school matter we need deal with. My daughter turned red and tried to fluster excuses; telling her to stop talking nonsense and that I hoped she would not make things worse for herself, I ordered her to tuck the hem of her skirt in the waistband.<br />
Partly from embarrassment and part a vain attempt to protect her rear she tucked in less than an inch.'Don't be silly girl' I snorted tucking it in all round her waist. Instinctly she put her hands to protect her white knickers and started to cry at the thought of her bottom being bared and punished for the first time.<br />
'What a fuss to make over a bottom' I commented as I ran my hand over it and gave it a few squeezes in assessment.'Right, off with them' I commanded tugging her knicks over her rounding cheeks. Giving them a little slap as she wriggled the garment off, I ordered her to bend right over.<br />
She bobbed up as I tapped a buttock to line up my aim,losing patience I said 'Double'<br />
Wincing at the first two stokes, she started yelling at the across the middle blow, but dare not get up from the position. I took my time, watching the red roses developing on her exposed seat as she got 4 on each side and across her full rump.<br />
When I had finished dealing with bottom she was made to stand on a chair facing the wall for an hour without touching. I used the mirror to show her what happened to naughty bottoms and asked pointed out that if she wanted to try more she only had to be a naughty girl.<br />
Very effective as I only had to repeat this twice in her school career.

some locvely stories here thanks for sharing.

My wife and I began dating at a very young age. She was only 16. She was forbidden to smoke, but did so anyway. It was the early sixties and she attended a very strict private Catholic academy for girls. The penalty for getting caught smoking in uniform was to have to wear a little girl's dress, ankle socks, and Mary Jane shoes for a week. When Gwen got caught, (with several other girls) her mother had to buy this "punishment uniform" from the school disciplinary office. Apparently, while being fitted for the dress, socks, shoes etc., Gwen began to pout and act up. Her mother took advantage of the short dress (several inches above the knee) and began smacking the back of Gwen's thighs and her buttocks. Gwen began to dance around as her mother held her with one hand and spanked her with the other. The nuns began laughing, and Gwen began crying. She and the other miscreants wore their little girl dresses every day for the week. Every day, Gwen's mother checked her out and Gwen had to spin around to show herself properly attired before getting on the school bus. I swear if a genie offered me one wish, it would be to go back in time and actually witness this event as it was relayed to me. I once asked my wife to dress like that for me and she got so pissed off that she wouldn't speak to me until I promised to never bring the event up again. Her mother always spoke of it (until she died) every time Gwen was disrespectful to her, even when Gwen was in her thirties. In fact, Gwen lived in fear of her mother bringing the story up, while I on the other hand, never tired of hearing about it.

I was never spanked by my mother in front of my husband, but I was punished in a childish way by her in front of him. We were newlyweds and living with my mother because we were broke and I was in college. Mother paid all the bills and I should have known better than to lie to her and not expect swift punishment. My mother told me (in front of my husband) to "go get the cod liver oil from the medicine cabinet and bring a tablespoon". I almost died right there. She used to always punish me this way for being untruthful when I was a child (and even when I was a teenager), but now I was 22 years old, married and my husband was right there. I thought of refusing but was fearful that she would trump me with a threat to stop paying tuition and asking us to leave our rent free habitat. I went and got the oil, and the spoon. She made me sit on her lap (Oh God was I humiliated) and she fed me three tablespoons of the dreadful stuff. My husband (the cad) was smiling the whole time. He must have got turned on by my disgrace because he made passionate love to me as soon as we went to bed.

Blimey, what a horny story - wish I'd been there to see it!

Blimey, what a horny story - wish I'd been there to see it!

I regret that I never saw my wife get spanked by her mother, but I experienced something else almost as exciting. The year was 1965. (My wife of 40 years and I had just started going steady.) As we were preparing to go out, my sweetheart's handbag fell and her Salems fell out. At seventeen, she was strictly forbidden to smoke. My mother in law ordered her daughter to go to her room, put on her pajamas, come down and apologize to me for ruining our date, and then get to bed. It was 7 PM on a summer Friday evening. The sight of this long legged, blonde lovely marching upstairs and returning in her summer PJ's, with tears running down her cheeks in humiliation, apologizing to me and her mother for her sins and returning to her room has kept me aroused all these years.

Bosley, thanks for shearing!

When we were first married we moved back in with Sarah’s mother, while saving for an apartment . She lived by herself and had the extra room..I knew from what Sarah had told me that her mum was a firm believer in corporal punishment and when Sarah was living at home she received quite a few spankings right up until she left home at 18. She said it was quite painful but she deserved it each time so she couldn’t really complain. I asked how she got it, and was told she always got it the same, over her mums knee with her slipper on her bare bottom.<br />
Her mum always told her while she lived under her roof she would never be too old to be put across her knee for the slipper across her bare bottom if she needed it. <br />
A few months after we moved in I came in one evening after work to hear what sounded like some one getting a good spanking, squeals and wails overlaid by a steady smacking sound..it sounded like Sarah. The sound was coming from ma in laws bedroom, the door was not quite shut so I naturally glanced in ..ma in law was sitting on her make up stool with Sarah face down across her lap, hands on the floor, her skirt hiked right above her waist , briefs and tights in a tangle down around her knees getting her bottom spanked hard with mums slipper..from the colour of her bottom she had been getting it for a while as well. I quietly left and left them to it. Sarah told me later one her she had had a fight with her mum and was rude to her , which as she pointed out would have got her turned over her knee for a good slippering, when she lived here..and mother decided seeing she was back under her roof again the old rules would apply. She admitted she really did deserve it and she had better watch her step or she would be in for another dose.

Absolutely perfect!! She was begging for that with her behavior.<br />
I trust that you are now carrying on with the good work.

great , i would loveto see my mother spank my wife................

Would have loved to seen that myself. Quite the turn on