Wife Sharing

My husband and his father have shared me since we were married. My husband had shared me with other men, training me to be his sex toy. The first time I was sitting on the couch in his parents home. We' stayed up late to watch a movie and my husband hand me give him a blow job. I looked up when I's finished and there was his fater. My husband told me to take care of his Dad, and not wanting to get punished, I obeyed and sucked off my father in law. The next morning as I was helping my mother in law make breakfast, she said casually "So you gave John a blow job last night..." I was really embaressed, but Mary put me at ease. She said that like me, she too was a shared wife and told me the story of her first time with her husbands father.
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7 Responses Jul 5, 2010

Terrific story. Loved it. Now I must read other 64 of your stories :)

That is really hot ! I hope that you enjoyed giving them both ********.

Any more hot stories like this? Thanks for sharing...

Any more hot stories like this? Thanks for sharing...

My kind of family!

I would love to suck off my father in law--he's very hot--but no such luck...yet...

Awesome family! I hope you continue to **** your father in law, as well as others.