Starting A Non-profit Martial Arts Studio For Kids

I see so many kids glued to their televisions and computers, doing no exercise.  The kids are over weight and with so many problems. I know that with a free martial arts studio that we can make a better life for the kids.  I know that it has helped a lot with my direction and motivation in life.

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That soooo rocks!<br />
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I know it really helped me when I was in college. Could have helped a lot more if my parents got me into one.<br />
I've had a bit of a break but going to start again next month. And my kids are both starting as well.<br />
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Good for you!

Yes, thanks it does rock...Lol

It kept me busy and out of trouble when I was young

Good for you...trilo!

Thank you adilenekate, very inspiring and motivating information for me : )<br />
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Hi It's a good idea as one can gain self control,memory ,self defense etc......we can do to our wish but the most could be gained only from the well experienced trainer,we could have a part in such martial arts schools first and gain what all we need. so that we can teach others what we have...I have gone through various sites and found one martial arts site with which I was impressed and you can have much more for the most we are expecting..<br />
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Gain from many to fulfill our dreams at

Good for you geetar, you are doing a great job!

Good deal besserer2005!

i have 2 for you hihi they are very active.i dont have any electronice games in the house and belive in spending time out side with them even at -20 hihi

Thanks for the encourament and good luck to you, allen!

i instruct TKD, i am trying to get a grant from the goverment, si i can do this too.<br />
i wish you luck, they will get a lot from it, but it is you who will get the most, their love!!!!!

Thank you jobrowne, give me just a little more time and I am sure I will see the things you see also.

Thank you Princess good points, if we can all contribute a little, things could be much better.

I agree with you about the girls and boys clubs, they are pretty awesome. You see so many non-profit companies helping people who cannot afford things that they need. I would assume it would be hard work, but well worth the while, and certainly not impossible.<br />
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Thank you for your comment and input, I know this kind of story is not the spicy type that brings interest from people on ep. lol

Free health and fitness is something we desperately need. It is lucky that some towns have free girls and boys clubs that encourage sports and play but as you get older - if you're not into the whole team thing and don't have a lot of cash - staying fit is extremely difficult. I would love to see a gym open up for the disenfranchised - those who can prove that they are passionate about health but do not have the cash to support it.