Grabby's Wife By The ***

I wish you were near me...I cant stop thinking about your tight toned body and long hair in those workout clothes. Getting you naked, lying here with me, your legs wide open as I rub you...I am so hard and horny for your mouth right now the veins are popping out of my now swollen ****! Shove your perfect mouth sized **** in my mouth, make me suck them for you till they are hard...your tight little ***** and *** are gonna get tongue ****** and drained of all its ***, right before I drive my thick throbbing **** into your mouth as far as I can!

Go put on your sexy little French Maid outfit and some heels and come shove your *** and ***** in my face and pull my head into you hard so that all I can breath and smell is your amazing *****...those smells that make me so hungry for your swollen ****, lips and **** hole. Talk dirty to me as I clean you out with my long quivering tongue! Then shove your mouth over my throbbing **** and take it all the way down your throat as I blow my hot sticky load into your stomach, all over your face, and ****!

After we are all used up and have *** all over our bodies, I wanna take pictures of your *** dripping face and **** with my still swollen **** in your mouth so I can remember our hot night and jerk myself off to it for you, and share it with everyone on EP!

After, I am going to shove my **** in your hot ***** and ***, back and forth between those sweet gaping holes, pounding you, making you take my 7.5" thick **** all the way to my balls. When I explode the second time all over your *** and in your *****, I'm going to go between your legs and clean you out with my mouth...leaving just enough cream pie to drip into your panties to remember me by...and bring home to hubby.

*** moan on me and beg me for my load, scream my name in lust as you pump my hard **** with your **** muscles. Squirt all over my face as I eat your perfect delicious ***** and *** out until there is no *** left in either of our bodies!!! Damnit, I wish you were near me.
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Obviously, you've had her.After all the ******* did she give you that awkward milfy look of "Oh my, I've never done such a thing before"? That innocent primness gets me and apparently you hard as a rock every time

Woops...did I let on? hehe