Life Is Like A Story Make Your Own Ending...

Somewhere in our hearts we are laughing in the rainstorm. We know that when the downpour has finished washing away all our fair weather friends and even our own fair weather ideals and sentiments, we will come out the other side stronger and more sure of who we are and what we truly desire,
We laugh because part of us knows that rain and sun create rainbows, and rainbows are bridges, high roads that beckon us, challenging us to let go of the baggage that keeps us grounded, and discover what really is on the other side.
And we laugh because the rainbow has always been there hidden in the suns light, but the rain has revealed its hidden secrets.
I choose to believe.
Someday I will get there with the lovers and dreamers...
"Some say rainbows are only illusions,
I say they are wrong wait and see"
Even though the rain clouds my view I am laughing, because I see colors I didn't know were there. And I see road that wants to be traveled, stretching through the sky, i am laughing in the rain,
And i want to walk on a rainbow.
starzzy31 starzzy31
26-30, F
Jan 19, 2013