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Exam 2

In the first story Exam 1 I describe my wifes first visit to a gyno and what transpired. Now my wife did as the gyno ordered got a ultrasound done and had blood tests. Then 4 weeks later after the first appointment we went to the gyno. A little preamble first, my wife was blushed and red in the face when we left the gyno's office and did not talk about the exam much afterwards except for some details I asked which I posted in the last story. But something was definetely different this time around, lol! I was excited! and yet to understand whay it excited me. My wife chose to wear a dress this time not slacks and blouse, and I noticed more perfume than usual, when i tried to touch her ***** she pushed me away, mmmm I thought. Anyway we arrived at the surgery and wait our turn, when we where called in my wife sat down but did not cross or keep her legs closed she had them open! The gyno was lost in though reading her ultrasound and blood results, then with out adieu he asked he to come to the exam bed, he closed the curtains and this time he did not leave her as she disrobed, and I saw her silhouette and the gyno on the curtain she was naked standing next to him, he motioned her to get on the bed and she did and without being told opened her legs and put her legs into the stirrups. He then commented with a little chuckle "you should've waxed for me ." to what she replied "it is more comfortable for me when yu examine me', I was shocked!

Then he did the usual washed his hands and put on gloves and then lubed up his fingers, at the same time he was talking to her about her symptoms, he then massaged some lube on her ***** lips and placed his hand onto her mound and I heard start to breath heavy, then he pushed his fingers into her and she gasped and they bothe went quiet except for her quiet but rapid breathing. He withdrew and got a spatula and equipment to do a swab, he said to her "if you do not mind I will use the duck bills to open you up to get a vervical swab, she said I dont mind". as he was doiung this I was hot and flushed and hard as a rock!. He put it all in and she moaned a little, but it soon ended and he removed the equipment and began to rub more lubeon her ***** lips and wall, and said to he "that wasn't to bad ..." she said no it was great". He pulled his fngers and hand out of her ***** and she moaned. He patted her on her ***** mound and said we are done. and you can get dressed now. The gyno cleaned his hands and came around and sta down making notes, i can see he was flushed in the face. My wife got dressed and came and sat down on the chair next to with her legs open and her eyes looking down. The gyno talked to us for a little while longer and we left, I asked what it was all about!, the drees, the perfume, the moaning! Much later she admitted that she found him very attractive and got very turned on when he touched her. But that she didnt feel right about it. Well the next session was without me ....
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I agree - was there another follow-up? <br />
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Thanks for sharing

great experience - what happened next?