Enjoyed My Wife's Physical

My wife was a bit apprehensive about some of her lab test results and I ended up accompanying her to the doctor. My wife was in her early thirties, with very juicy 36C breasts capped with perfect nipples. The doctor asked her to change so that he can perform an exam. She removed all of her clothes and wore her gown, all while the doctor was still in the room. He was making light conversations with me and my wife all along, and watching her change.

Once she was seated on the table, he listened to her lungs using the stethescope against the back. His other hand was casually cupping her *** in the pretext of holding her. He would occassionally look at me, and realizing that I was enjoying this, began to take a few more liberties.

He then started the breast exam. The doc asked my wife to lower her gown and lean forward so that her breasts were hanging. He went very close to her, and commented about how the room is cold, while lightly touching both nipples with his two hands. My wife just smiled at him shyly. He made a comment about one breast being lower than the other, and cupped them from below as they were hanging and feeling the weight. He was lightly squeezing them. At this point, he called me over and pointed out how one breast seemed heavier than the other. We took turns feeling and squeezing her **** one at a time. My wife was turned on, having two men touch her breasts at the same time.

He then asked her to lie back and began to look for lumps all over her breasts thoroughly. My wife's nipples were very erect and l had to control myself really hard to stop from leaning forward and sucking them. The doc examined her breasts, in spirals and ending directly over her nipples. He then wanted to test for any discharges from the nipples. He held one between his fingers and squeezed lightly. He then began to squeeze her breasts inward from the sides to the nipple. He once again called me over to watch close and wanted me to perform the exam at home as well.

He wanted to try a new breast exam technique where he was sitting on a low chair and my wife, sitting on the table, leaner forward so that her breasts were hanging down over his face. I could visualize the view he must have had, from the times when my wife would ride me on top :) He proceeded to tap his fingers all over her breasts in a gentle manner. I could see ripples of vibration from his tapping all over her **** - it was one of the most erotic sights I've seen.

He then covered her breasts over and started her pelvic exam. He had me come closer to watch and learn.He took some lube in his hands and spread her ***** with his other hand. My wife's ***** was glistening with her juices flowing by now. He inserted two of his fingers inside her *****, in full view of me. He said he wanted to go slow, so he inserted his fingers maybe an inch, backed out, then inserted some more in, and out again. I realized that he was pretty much finger ******* her slowly. He looked at me directly and made a comment about how she is very tight inside. My wife responded by saying that she does her kiegel exercises regularly. He just looked at me and said "that must be a lot of fun, you are one lucky guy to have such a good wife". He started saying stories about how she was good about tolerating his fingers inside her and how in the previous visit, there were about 10 students who had all taken turns examining her breast and vagina and how patient she was in letting these students do what they wanted. My wife said that she doesnt mind it at all!

Needless to say, I was hard as hell during the whole episode. Unfortunately, I haven't been to any of her doctor visits since then.
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My extremely beautiful wife is very particular about her routine full body check up every three month . She goes to one young smart male doctor working in big hospital but my wife goes his home where he see selected patients on appointment. My wife is now very friendly with him. She does not put gown and instead remain fully nude during check up.

It must be exciting for you to watch her sit there naked with another man looking at all of her body...does she have pretty boobs?

Whata fun story, I really enjoy stories about wives and gfs being examined intimately...there is a really exciting story you'd like, by one of my EP friends, please check it out!

My good friend is a doctor. My sweet wife Sonali is examined by him once every six months for complete physical examination. He always examine her in front of me at our home. Sonali is so free with him that she does not even cover up with gown as total body is to be examined. I am so much excited when my doctor friend does her breast examination.

That is so hot. My wife let me accompany her into the examining room for one of her breast exams. The doctor was a really hot woman in her early 40's. I became really excited watching her manipulate my wife's 36D breasts and I almost came when the doctor massaged my wife's nipples. After the appointment, my wife looked at me and told me, "...and that is how it its done!" I came on the spot.

Nice! When the wife also plays along, it is so much more fun. :)

im still trying to get our doc to give my wife a pelvic exam,he,s examined her breasts 3 times todate,but dos not seem to want to go further

Have your wife ask for a pap. I am sure the doc cannot refuse. Good luck!

the **** just says book one with the nurce and thats not the same as a guy doing it to her

Wow what a turn on to watch her get examined

Wow,that was great!.