Doctor Examines Wife

When my wife, who is 10 years younger than me, was in her teens I gave her a lift to the doctors because she had a mild stomach upset. We had only just started seeing each other at the time and she was a very beautiful young woman. (I still have some  photographs and even a video from that very year which confirm this) At the doctor's I sat with her in the waiting room and when the doctor called her in he gestured for me to follow. Perhaps he thought I was her husband or considering the age difference and the fact she looked much younger than her actual age we joked afterwards that he thought I was her dad. Anyway I sat in a chair whilst he questioned Angela about her problem and then said she should hop on the couch and he would check her out. The doctor, a Polish man in his late 50s, had been her GP since she was a kid and so Angela was, i think, conditioned  to follow his instructions without question. I still think she was surprised though when instead of asking her to undo a few buttons he told her to remove her clothes totally. It was 1984 and she was wearing some grey dungarees as I recall and she just stood there with a red face and began to unbutton them. She didn't even look at me as she  hesitated in just her white knickers and t shirt. The doctor said, "Come on Angela don't stand there looking beautifull hurry up and undress for me!" and she looked at the floor and removed her t shirt bra and those white knickers and stood with her arms folded over her tiny pert breasts. I was like a man in a dream staring at her dark pubic hair and flat stomoach- I was jealous but found it so erotic as I sat seemingly forgotten in the corner. i was previously the only man to have seen her naked and here she was in a room with two men without a stitch on and being very submissive. The doctor then gestured for her to get on the couch and then proded and manipulated her. he seemed to make a meal of it particularly when he grasped her ankles and bent her legs back onto her chest affording himself, no doubt, an excellent view between her legs. He even rolled her over at one stage to prod her young back and we both enjoyed the view of her amazing teenage bottom  before insructing her to get up. He then had her stand naked before him whilst he explained his diagnosis to me and only after an age did he tell her in a most unprofessional way,"Come now Angela we can see you are a very beautiful girl you don't have to stand there showing off get dressed now!" She gathered her clothes and got dressed whilst we both enjoyed this reverse striptease then we thanked the doctor and left. When we were in the car I was full of indignation about how unprofessional he had been but secretly I found it the most erotic thing I had ever witnessed.

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It is truly an exciting affair to accompany my wife for an examination at the doctor. I know she loves he touching her and asking questions.

Thanks for sharing...I remember, as a 17 year old, I made my GF at the time describe in great detail how her new,youg male doctor taught her how to do a proper breast self-exam....she said she was embarassed, because he was cute and young, but I had a very troublesome erection as she was talking about how he ran his fingers over her smooth skin, and pulled on her nipples...

very hot


I like that!