The girls at the office and I have been discussing this for years.  Do you know how productive we'd all be if we were wearing something comfortable?  No panty hose, no shoes, no skirts....just pajamas.  And slippers.  Or cozy socks.

I get a lot of work done now, but I'd be able to double my work load if they'd only allow us to wear pajamas to work. 

Alas, this will never come to be.  But I can dream. 

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Spending the day in pajamas is lovely. It's one of my favorite past times.

Sadly, I'm wearing business casual clothes today. No pajamas to work. *Pout*

I have to admit that my inner school marm use to rear her ugly head when I would see a girl wearing her pajama bottoms on my school bus. "So lazy! Tsk. Tsk. Get dressed in the morning". I'd say to myself. Until they started to do it in mass. Such a sight! All those different bright, cheery, multi colored, crazy patterned flannel pj's peppering the school grounds was absolutely beautiful! A real spirit lifter!

he that would be pretty good!

I think I'm wearing my pajamas tomorrow any way. I don't care!!

Bassy-....I swear Sugar needs to get you those flannel Pink Floyd boxers. I can just see you singing to her in those...LMAO

lol<br />
Nope. I've got the ones with the deer heads on. My b*lls are fine I assure you-lol

Sugar- I'm LMAO too!!! Gee I hope for your sake he isnt freezing his b*lls of. BTW I saw some Pink Floyd undies at might need to get him some of those at least they were flannel. Love ya girl!

Ok now I will have to put out the pouty lip. I so need a pajama day...with music, it would be better if someone was singing to me tho :)

It is pretty comfy :)<br />
I have the music absolutely blasting too :)

Bassy- stop braggin!! That is so unfair :(

Believe it or not.....I am at work right now and am in my jammies :)

Indeed pajama day at work would be glourious - it takes out of bed and off to work to a new level just think of the extra time you might get to sleep in the morning .... then to go to work and lounge around all day that wouldl be great :) -- I am not sure how productive it would be it would be fun..... it would certainly get high rankings for morning efficiency

OMG...this is one of my dreams come true!! I would love Pajama day...I mean my kids have it at school and they get to wear their slippers too. I would love to slip into some cozy, cute pj's and just lounge out at work =)..*sigh*

I'm sure that there would be some equallity wanted by women and us guys would be in our shorts/tanks and then there really would be no work done.<br />
<br />
Right CK?

What's the point in wearing flannel PJ's??? Sheesh! I mean c'mon... if you are gonna wear PJ's be all sexy and naughty-like. The best part of PJ's is getting them off for the naughty stuff!!!<br />
<br />
BTW - a thin t-shirt and panties is perfectly acceptable form of PJ's... you get to see the ladies, and have easy access to the kitty. But I'm biased, and outlawed flannel PJ's in the house :P (ok, that didn't really work but I can dream!!!)

When I say pajamas, I mean flannel or cotton comfy pajamas. Not lingerie, silly!! LOL