Incredible Hardee's Coupons - Act Now!!! Man They're Goooooodddd!

Totally psyched about the Hardee's coupons I just printed out from my computer! Go to and let er rip, tater chip! I don’t eat a lot of fruit but I am going to down some of them blueberry biscuits. Those look really good, even if they do have fruit on them. It’ll be hard to give up my Loaded Biscuit n’ Gravy Bowl, but maybe I can ask Mr. Grady across the street if I can have the coupon from his newspaper.

The funny thing is that no matter how many of them Loaded Biscuit n’ Gravy Bowls I eat, I just can’t get tired of eatin them. Dang their goooooodddd! I am still working on pitching my Giant Biscuit full of gravy, sort of like the Soup-in-a-bread bowls they have at the Applebees. Can you imagine tippin back a good ole Hardee’s biscuit and slurpin down some of that gravy. I’m makin you pretty hungry, ain’t I? Yeah, it is going to make me rich.

I couldn’t find any scissors, since my Daddy has been on suicide watch over the past two days, so I tried to carefully rip the blueberry coupon apart from the Patty Melt and Orange Cream Shake. You would think it was not rocket science, but I ain’t too good with my hands. I accidentally ended up with rippin off a big hunk of the dang coupon. We ain’t got any tape around here so I am going to have to hope my good standing with the folks at Hardee’s will afford me some leeway.

DaddysLittleBoy DaddysLittleBoy
18-21, M
Aug 8, 2007