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i'm getting out of a marriage....and we better of friends than lovers...and now is the time to this, i don't want to end up, hating each other, my ex thinks the same way, when there is no spark left, get out off it, your kids wil eventually respect your choise, and i let them see, that you don't need to be unhappy in a relationship for any basis, and i hope that they will get the self respect to think the same...but however, the pain is defestading..for now...i know that the sun will shine eventually
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we'll had all our fights, the final one was that we decided that it's over, and since that descision, we are in a better mood, there was no one involved in the whole proces, i feel that this is the way to go, and thats good for me.....

KaikkiMinusta: sure everyons knows but no one talks about it, it drives me mad!<br />
and the most uncomfortable thing, that my mom moves in to my room! sure i love her and all but I need privecy!<br />
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annetteflet: your welcome :) and yes your not alone ;)

no we tell our parents after we tell the kids.....the atmosphere is good in the house, we try to make it nice, we are friends now, the kids don't even noticed were apart, we'll tell just when the summer holiday begins, so they have 8 weeks to get over the first pains, and we will do everything to help them with there sorrow.<br />
i believe that iff you can convince your child, that your happy and your ex also with the situation, that they will accept, better have parents who are friends, and try to do everything for there benefit, than to move out, shouting and a lot of grief and unsure feelings for the kids, they din't ask for the situation..<br />
thank you all so much for your comment's, it's nice to know that i'm not alone...xx

about the kids u done the right choose<br />
my parents are very unhappy with each other and now they barely talks to each other <br />
the home is awkward and every one is angry! <br />
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they think they are making the right decision for satying but trust me it's the wrong one!!<br />
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think about it more and give it some time, don't rush to anything :)