Been There Done That

I've been married and in a relationship that just wasn't fun. I know that they require work from both sides but if both have called it quits it just ins't worth the torture. I have no intentions of getting married again but never say never because we don't know what the plans are down the road. I do know that if I am with someone and we are miserable I'm bailing!
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2 Responses Jun 17, 2010

I hear you. I've known some people who were unhappy as a couple, but thought their relationship would get better, easier, if they just got married. Ha! They were divorced four months later. Four months! Hardly enough time to unpack everything. Enjoy being single.

If I was single again would I get married, hell no. I have learned that most people are set in mind, what they like, dislike, need and enjoy, and nothing will change that, even with new ideas for adfventure. However, if I find a woman with excitement, adventure, and doing things new, than guess I have to marry her in order to keep my life active.