Marriage is just a custom followed to raise the pouplation and nothing else..there are few couples who really want to live together and explore their life together sharing several experiences together ...i believe that is marriage and not taking vows in presence of a priest and all the pomp and show ..its just useless ...i wish that i marry when i wish to marry and not when my parents and relatives want me to marry..one should marry when they feel the need of it...

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You are right. Why do people need to marry? You need to change & cutsize to keep a marriage, and everytime you feel ur partner is getting unfair freedom. You try to put a nooze on him/her, and he/she does the same to you. It is better to marry, after U have completed living a single's life, and nothing amuses you quickly. ie., if at all you need to marry.<br />
<br />
But it is a wrong thing to seek personal amusements (serious ones that could change life status) after you get committed to a husband/wife or a child. You could have opted out bfore. Children need necessarily be born only in to families, as much as possible.

Well good for you! It is not for everyone and maybe one day you will change your mind. But, it is where you are for now and that's okay. I share your sentiment, that it is better being single than being unhappily married.. and it is a choice that people make. <br />
It has taken me up until now to finally be able to look at marriage and say yes.. and commit to it for the first time at age 46. It's not to say it is the first time I have been offered, but it seems the right time for me.<br />
I wish you happiness and all the best in your future.