My Husband Does Not Shower Or Brush His Teeth As Often As He Should...

I love my husband some but lately there are somethings i just cant over see. I mean is there a nice way to tell the man you love that he always has bad breath....he could forget his teeth for a couple of days, and showers are the same with him its the last thing on his list to do during a day, he has eczema so you can imagine our bed in the morning.....its been snowing all night or the grease from his hair if he decided to fix himself up a little bit before work. He does want to be intimate with me...and sometimes he showers just to try and have sex. But shouldn't he also be worried about himself and how other people might have noticed his breath and body odors...I really don't know what to do here.....I feel like i have 2 teenagers in the house...and the real one actually understands the importance of being clean but its also in respects to himself and the people around you. Sometimes im so grossed out but i really don't want him to think im criticizing him. But im finding myself repulsed buy him and i really don't feel like going into bed with Mr. Stinky...Just kissing him is becoming unbearable.....I can even smell his breath in the car and its real bad. I  need help.....I really don't want to hurt his feelings but if i don't talk about it. Im going to start to find him repulsive as it goes on. Im finding myself less and less attracted to him physically he does shower sometimes and he smells so frigging great...but hes only doing it to have sex and i really don't like to be pressured in doing something just because he took a shower. I feel bad and i know that all of this happened because his mom and dad were'reallynbut i find it important, my family does and so should he. I need help on this.....I have been up front about it a couple of times, but he just doese'nt get the hint.....and i really don't want to kiss him anymore.
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Wow! If my husband is too "tired" to shower he sleeps on the couch, no kissing and definitely no sex !!! Thats just disgusting. And to be honest, I don't know what he does when hes not in my presence...

I am so sorry it has taking sooo long in replying after a while when no one reads them I don;t look but today I thought I give it a try and I am glad I did. Wow I thought I was the only one Could you friend me so we can share more you can message me too..Hope to hear from you soon..

HI Lost Friend, I really did'nt think anyone else had this problem with their mate but me. I thought I was all alone. It's sad because when we first got married he was always clean and 2 years later when I had My Daughter things just turned around. We don't even sleep in the same bed that's how bad it is. Please look me up so we can be friends I would also like to chat if your on all you have to do is look and see. I hope things are a little better with you as for me I don't think it will ever get better. Im soory it's taken so long to reply Please forgive me for that. I share the computer with my Daughter..Take Care