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Life is simply too short to live in a relationship where fighting is the norm. I need love, companionship, intelligent conversation, understanding, and a peaceful homelife in order to be happy, If I can't get that then I wouldn't be able to stay in a relationship.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm 41-45, F 13 Responses Apr 19, 2011

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I agree. being alone doesn't mean you are lonely.

and sometimes, laying right next to your husband, feeling the distance between you is the loneliest feeling of all.

What you say is the key to a successful relationship. The saddest relationships are those where the parties adore but cannot happily live with each other. Often, drink and/or drugs plays a part. Famous examples include Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and Dylan and Caitlin Thomas. Still, you never know what will work. The oddest couple I ever came across (by far) were a heavy drinking, chain smoking pair, aged about 50. Bizarrely, he was a doctor and she was a nurse. Their lifestyle had aged them. The person who introduced me described the wife as “Scraggie Annie”. Even when they had visitors, they spoke as though they detested one another, in words and looks. I was deeply shocked. Having observed them over a day or two, I came to realize that they absolutely worshipped each other. They did not fit any kind of pattern that I have seen before or since.

How about sex? That's not on your list. Could you live with it if you had all that other stuff but no sex?

Inquiring minds want to know. lol

MMMM I know what I need. Sometimes wants and needs are different :).

Thanks y'all for the comments.

Awww thanks Gr8. He is away right now so he won't see this post.

Thanks y'all're so right! I stayed only because of my kids & in the end it turned out to be better getting my kids away from a toxic relationship.

Thanks y'all!

Respects to two GREAT ladies, Pix and FG. Anyone who left either of you was just dumb. My respect for the current gentlemen in your lives which relationships I hope endure.

Well said... Spent too much time unhappy and made others unhappy along the way... Never again...

You've got that right girl!!! Life is much too short.....I did waste some of mine with my ex but my son was the reason for my "stay"....thank goodness it's over!!!!! Whew!!! I am sooooo loving being single!!!!!! ;-)

Thanks sweetie

I hope you keep getting all the happiness you deserve FG.