i will rather b single that to be married, because i am married now and my life its not how i expected it , too much jelousy from him and its too much to handle, i am puertorican and hes uzbekistan we been married for 4 yrs and i got 3kids that aint his but he raised them but i cant do it i feel like if time to move on but i cant because im not working because he doesnt want me too and now im stock...but not for long God its good and i know hes going to lead me to the right road...
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how come he doesn't want you to work? sounds like a controlling relationship...

Some times the grass may appear to be greener on the other side, if it is - then maybe it's getting better care.<br />
Have you not heard of the Acres of Diamonds effect ?

thanks i do need a prayer im not on the right path right now but im getting to that light...thanks to ep encourages

I pray for you to find that Road to happiness,and soon.