Oh Look! What A Coincidence!

Single for two years and no prospects for changing it. Doesn't one need friends first? Or a social life? I have neither, and honestly, I think I'm better off this way.
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I like this. It's very truthful, some may see it as bitterness or negative, but if you're happy with who you are, you're all you need. And in the event someone comes into your life that makes you truly happy even if its not a boyfriend , just a friend, then so be it. I like your thinking. I used to drive my mind crazy thinking" I've been single for 4 years, will I ever date again.." even now, I struggle with the fear of losing my friends, I feel like I bother them sometimes with how needy I am for them. I really like your confidence and hope to find that contentness within myself.

I have 23 years , im from Brasil and by January I will be au pair if you enteressa, I'll take care of the children and you with great affection

It seems like dating today means to call someone you barely know your boyfriend/girlfriend after exchanging numbers that day!