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What I Have Seen Since Being Single

I never saw it before. Or at least never paid attention to it before. now, when I look back at the time I was with my ex, was I that blind? Were we that couple? who knows?

Since I have been single and I have said this in my blogs, there's the weight gain from being unhappy, you don't open up to him, he doesn't open up to you. One or the other winds up gaining weight or both do. I figure if you both do it, you are like some of my friends, you are having a blast and just don't give a crap about diet, because you are with the one person that has completed you. Good for you.
On the other hand, that's not so much.

In San Diego, when me and my daughter would be on the whim going to see a movie, or getting a bite to eat at wherever the wind took us, I would see it. Couples sitting at the table, while the music goes on around them, the people, the noise, the ambiance is lost. He looks away and at his cell phone. She has elbows on the table expecting something from him. No words. nothing.

Then the shopping, whatever she pulled him away from, he would rather be anywhere but there with her. I can see why, she's either nagging the **** out of him for something that sounds like something that happened a week ago, or when are you going get that done when are you going get this done, oh wouldn't this look nice? (him) we can't afford that. I wish you wouldn't bring this up in a store.

How many times I have heard that" I wish you wouldn't argue with me in public...."

I'm still single it's been a little over a year. I don't like it. But I will not be in a miserable relationship. Nor marriage. This ... I feel like is my second chance. I want to get it right. Why not?

Let's just say that if you find someone that makes you feel like you have won the lottery. That feeling should never go away. So far, my feeling hasn't and it's rather fun to go slow.
favestril favestril 41-45, F Nov 19, 2012

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