Please Release Me, Let Me Go

My ex wife was to be my life time partner,my friend,and companion.Little did I know.Im now a beliver in the old saying that You rely never know some one until
You marry them.I remember the pride and love that I felt as I watched Her walk down the aisle.I remember my own father preforming the wedding.I remember being sure that this time,it was for a life time.
I remember 2 weeks later She spent a whole day drinking and getting drunk with Her ex husband.A man I had never met and had nothing against until he started making trouble for Me on my job and almost cost Me that job.I remember the deep hurt it caused me that she would go out and party alone with ANY man,but Him of all people!
I remember coming home from a hard days work and saying to myself,"Damn.She not home",,,,
I remember changing that to"Damn! Shes home"!
The nights she finaly came home so drunk i had to help Her out of Her car!
I remember hitting the last straw and, telling Her that when We got married,I thought I was gaining a wife.Not a room mate!Telling Her things had to change or I was leaving.i was misreble!I remember the two years I lived this. way.Then decideing enough was enough.I told Her I was leaving.Suddenly
She loved Me so much!I remember being told that I was having an affair! Why else would I leave?I remember hating to come home because it meant a fight over My imaginary affair.I vainly explained that the only affair going on was hers with the bottle!I vaugly remember going to the ER for stitches in
my head after i was awoke one night with a beer bottle smashing on my skull!
I went back the next day to pack.
I few days later she called.She insisted on coming over to try and talk things out.I told Her It was of no use.I was done.As I hung up the phone,I knew shed come over any way.I quickly found and burned an old song.When She
arrived I told her I didnt have any thing more to say."Just let this Old song say
it for Me Janet". I hit the stereo remote as Eddie Arnold said it all for Me,"Please release Me let Me go,for I dont love You any more,to love another would be a sin,release Me and let Me love again........
The1960texan The1960texan
51-55, M
Jan 19, 2013