Never Ever

Would I ask anyone to change for me.


There is no reason to. Be who you are.

51-55, M
10 Responses Mar 16, 2010

i luv you to sweetie, your a fantastic friend.

oh pumkin, you know how much i love to see you under that tent. hmmm lol

well stevie if they messed their pants, i just might ask them to change. especially if he's in the harem. ewwww. lol

WB your beautiful the way you are. PERFECTION sweetie. :)

We are all a bit crazy around here ptman ... some of us more than others ... but I've got no plans to change ... haha

thank you pumkin, i love you the way you are. crazy just plain crazy. lol

thank you candy, and i can certainly say the same for you. luv ya girl

((((HUGS))) i lov u!!! so happy u came back..and u are amazing the way u are!!!

thank you candy, how can anyone ask such a sweet woman like you to change. it just doesn't make sense does it?

I so agree..we are all unique,gems all of us! no one wants a copy! :O) hugs *Tiger* good thoughts so true!