Spread Relief, Get Relief.... And Share The Load

I would never deliberately hurt someone. I know that people deserve better. People who feel like they have no one else to turn to, they deserve happiness. People who have been turned down or done wrong, they deserve to be treated right. People should be treated gently, because they still may be growing as a person. One wrong move and you could damage someone's psyche irreparably. People should be treated right, with respect for one another. Soon enough, you may even grow on each other. Then you really have something to be happy about!

Just love your friend, no matter how goofy or what flaws they may have. Don't look down on people. Humans are far from perfect, and there is already so much hate in the world. So much hate. Just look around you. People lie, cheat, steal, talk about others behind their backs, slander. Some people think it's a joke, a harmless joke, but anyone who's been victim to a malicious "joke" knows the pain. Don't talk about others behind their back, and walk away from people that do. I find that happiness comes from making others happy, and this could easily be accomplished by treating them with the love and respect that they may have been lacking their whole lives.
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You both seems to be a fantastic person, You should keep up the spirit up..