Is It Me...really?

Did you ever wonder if you are the screwed up one...or is it the rest of the world? This is why I dont get involved. Why is it that regardless of how I am treated in return...I still put myself out there? This frustrates me to no end. Is there some hidden imbalance in my brain that drives me to do this. Causes me to make a fool outta myself..and allow other to walk all over me...COMPLETELY knowing, that it has happened before. Isnt the definition of insanity something like doing things the same way over and over and expecting a different result?
To be honest...I sick of the way people do things...and Im tired of everyone taking advantage of me and my good nature. Oh well "she is nice" I can **** on her..and walk away. The price you pay for being kind and genuine doesnt seems to be worth it anymore. Guess Im gonna have to be a little less nice and a lot more vocal. So next time you want me to listen and be kind and genuine while you are telling me about your life...and expecting the "normal; Kelli response. Dont be surprised if I tell you to quit whining like a *****...put your big boy/girl pants on..and figure it out....its your mess. Maybe then I might get some respect.
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7 Responses May 21, 2012

This is a highly complex issue here. But again confessions of a wounded spirit that has yet to be healed by God.............Once torn, it is quite difficult for us to understand pain for another when we are not willing to understand the walls we create for ourselves.

No...... it is not you............ really.
It is them........ those who are predators looking for the weak to use and take down.
To lose who you are is to allow them to win.......... and every victory we give to them we strengthen them and weaken our kind.
Remain the lovely caring person you are ........... just make better choices

just be true to yourself<br />
tell it the way it si<br />
<br />

We always revert back to who we really are ... it might be fun and a relief sometimes, but you've got something in you that's too special to just become a hard ***. Not saying that a wise response can't be a soft hearted response ... but you know what I mean :)

I hear you about about being good natured. Sometimes I wish I could be a little bit meaner in my demeanor (good song lyric there). But I don't have it in me to be a deliberate *******. An accidental ******* who always says the wrong thing though. Yeah that's me.

Woody Allen put it very well in the last scene of 'Annie Hall.' He questions why we keep putting ourselves out there; putting our necks on the 'chopping block' in search of love. He say it's like the old joke...A fellow goes to the Doctor and says 'Doctor, I'm worried about my Brother. He thinks he's a chicken.' The Doctor says 'Well why don't you have him committed?' The fellow says 'I would but we need the eggs.' I guess that's why we keep going through all the nonsense cause we need the 'eggs.'

Respect is to be earned. So far, you have definitely gained a ton of more respect from me personally<br />
by posting this here.