No Possibility Whatsoever.

Call me old fashioned, but for me sex is something to be shared with someone special... someone that I'm completely in love with... not a total and completele stranger, which is what a one night stand entails. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the people that do choose to have one night stands, but it's just not my thing. Honestly, the only person I really do want to sleep with is the guy I end up marrying... and I am guaranteed to stick to it.
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Do not care what people think about you, everyone has a right to choose and what you are choosing is respectable. <br />
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I have seen many young ladies saying that they do not want get into physical relationship until they get married and that is I guess very appreciating.

Very nicely written & heartfelt. I would disagree only slightly with the fact that it wont be that big of an issue in marriage. Trust me it can become a HUGE issue. BUT you can find all that out before marriage. I too wouldn't have one night stands for the reasons listed in my post on this page. That doesn't mean I would wait until marriage. BUT (yea another it would be totally exclusive to somebody I LOVE!

I'm with you on this one innocentbeauty. Finding someone to spend your life with goes way past your sex life (unless your life is all about sex - but then there's other issues). I see nothing wrong with saving yourself for the person you marry. Sex isn't just something you do for the moment with whoever is around/willing, it should be something special between you and your other half.

bunkminster - well sex is only one factor of the relationship. yeah, people say that oh, you might marry the person and they might not be good and you might not be compatible and blah blah, but for me it's far more important to find someone I can connect with emotionally and passionately (which doesn't always equate sex) than it is to have a sexually compatible partner. <br />
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Therefore, no I would not end the relationship. Not having perfect sex isn't the end of the world. Losing Mr.Right? well that's a lot worse in my book. <br />
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Spectra - Haha. Experience Project, of course :) And considering I've stuck with it throughout college, which is the place where opinions most likely change, I'm pretty sure that my opinion will be the same.

Alright Ladies, when can i meet you.... er,,, for discussing about the suitability for marriage :D. Jokes apart, it remains to be seen in next years time, where do you stand on this issue.

sweet heart , same goes with me .....! I would only make love with a person , who I would in LOVE with.