Mark My Word On That

Listen, I have commited my fair share of sins, I am not a saint.  Quite frankly I never intend to become one.  However, there are certain things in me that despite the sweet temptations, I just can't allow myself to sucumb into it.  Is a matter of a personal code!

I never had and never would have a one night stand. Not for me, ah no.  Even though, like many others I have a naughty side; I just can't have sex without an emotional attachment first. 
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2 Responses Feb 6, 2011

That's how I feel also. If I like or attracted to someone enough that I want to have sex with them then I can't imagine not being able to or not wanting to do it with that person again and again

A naughty side is a good thing & MUCH better when shared with a special somebody anyway. Nice post :-)