I Don't Believe In One Night Stands

never again...I think they are dangerous and you risk sexual diseases and being taken down by married men or their wife or girlfriend if they find out

He man who raped me was married and a navy officer - I shouldn't have trusted him and I made a big mistake ... it should not be that way really !!! I think a virgin has a right to have a boyfriend or her own same age or whatever age but not married ...

I always wanted to meet a nice young guy my own age at uni or I wouldn't have minded if was a little bit older but to have a future together to be at university together and working etc

there is no right and wrong - if some people want that way of life but I don't and I have learnt my lessons as far as looking for love.

I thing men who date rape are weak and married men to date rape a virgin is actually so low... he was using me and only after what he could get from a vulnerable person ...

I think one night stands are dangerous ... its best to get to know the person!
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
Jun 14, 2011