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Never In A Million Years

I'm a virgin. (Yes, there are still some of us left in the world.) But even though I'm a virgin, that doesn't mean I'm ignorant about sex or its consequences. I joined this group for the same reason that I joined the group "I am a sensitive person". People and relationships have a large impact on me, whether I want them to or not.

One of my friends has one-night stands all the time. She's also had several pregnancy scares and has had an abortion. None of this bothers her, but it would absolutely crucify me. I'm well aware of the risks that casual sex brings: Pregnancy, STD's, and the like. These risks, coupled with other things I know about myself, make it possible for me to say with absolute certainty that I will never ever have casual sex/a one-night stand. People have a deep and lasting impact on me , even people who are just my friends. I'm saving myself for marriage for the same reason-when I do lose my virginity, I want to lose it to my best friend, to someone who won't just see me as a faceless girl to toss out of bed in the morning.

MadMarch MadMarch 18-21, F 4 Responses Dec 24, 2009

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And from a man's side...

I've never had a one-night-stand, never had the opportunity, and frankly I am glad but not zealously so. I don't object to losing one's virginity before marriage - there's nothing especially clever in that as it's merely personal choice, and besides I'd be a hypocrite to criticise it anyway!

What's more important is doing what feels right or comfortable for you; and don't forget that men can be treated badly, or used, women just as vice-versa.

I don't know any man who's had a completely off-the-cuff stand; or if I do they've not admitted it, but now I'm 60 and too old for sexual shenanigans, I can look back over my own love-life without feeling I have missed something.

All my love-making was within longer-term relationships. All right, they all ended after 3, 1 and 5 years in that order, with long gaps between each, and my love-life is over now; but one-night-stands? Never - I am pleased I made love with girl-friends and not casual acquaintances, and I am well aware of the health risks of casual sex, but though I see nothing clever about one-night-stands I'm not sanctimonious about it.

You do what you feel is best for you. In any case, "casual" sex would not suit you at all and you would feel guilty anyway.<br />
<br />
Stay focused.

Its better that way, because you will not regret it. :) I have a close friend who has been with several guys (nothing serious) and has had various abortions. I just can not picture myself doing such things, I know it would have a huge impact in my life, How can I kill the baby that I have made? I very emotional and that would break me. I am looking forward for the long term relationship, where the lucky guy whom falls in love with me and I fall in love with, could be my husband :D

You really know what you want at this young age (i guess) which is good. <br />
Just because everybody did it ,doesn't mean you have to do it.<br />
Be strong at where your stand . No means No.<br />
Good Luck