Never Had & Never Will ...

Im a modern person but I dont think having one night stand is trendy or cool .. Im not old-fashioned to understand that sex is important for human beings but still .. one night stand is outta topic .. We are not animals .. though we are but we approved ourselves to be clever than 'em .. so what? what would be the differences between animals and humans if ppl have and enjoy sex without love ...

DollyDiva DollyDiva
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I'll never let you go .. but now I've found that there're so many factors that could obstruct love and I'm going through those ...

noow all you got to do is hold on to her and never let go ok

all my best wishes to you girl i am happy you foun the one

Then you're a girl of my dream I guess .. but I've already found her ..

i dont like one night stands they break me down cause i never kiss or have sex with a girl i dont love or like i guess i am more of the romantic ytype bring you to a restorant buy rosses and bring you breakfast in bed type but i am also one of thouse who cant stand not having fun jumping runing well think i kind said too much well the point is i wont say i never had a one night stand a it was amazing i liked her cause she told me about her problems and was so sweet a befor i payed atention ther we were doingg it i thik its atracttion that makes us have a 1 night stand but i dont think its right anyway i have been thrue alot of situations with girls that wanted to have a 1 night stand with me and i was disgusted cause i liked them and it kinda afected my prid to know they wanted me just for one ight when i would rather have a friend falling in love with me than just be a sience project to some girl that just want to have me there that time and never see me again

Then Its not considered as one night stand anymore ...

What if the one night turns into two then three then four then a couple weeks?

I agree I don't have one night stands ether. You do give of yourself in the act. And it should be a beginning.

okay .. then it makes some senses :)

Yeah .. exactly .. I totally agree .. all in a way apart of love .. you're right but Is one night stand considered as love?

I feel you for loving sex .. so do I .. but I mean sex shouldn't be just fun activity but an action of love ...

i dont know . but i do know this that sex is never in vain with me . <br />
i love the act , the passion of lustfull emotions, the emotion of love when found and the practice of welth in other ways when a woman seeks a man for pleaser and so as well as the man the atraction is undeniabl i gess. the person must mean somthing in a sens may not be good really but then not bad . <br />
i dont really know now that i am saying it . but i do love sex alot.