A couple of days ago I was waiting for the bus and there was a guy really staring at me. He started a conversation, being flirtatious and all that, but I just couldn't accept it. It felt so wrong. Just listening to another man trying to get me felt awful. It made me feel bad, so I just backed off. I totally disagree with any form of cheating and in my eyes, accepting this guy's flirt was nearly the same. I know what I've got with my Leo and I would never swap it for anything in this world. I am happy like this and I would not like to put my happiness in danger. I know that I have the best and I don't need anything else or anyone else.
ardnaxelar ardnaxelar
18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 12, 2011

Sounds like this guy was preying on that fact that some women are insecure(and men) .

I hope your future architect knows just how lucky he is to have such a wonderfully dedicated future wife.<br />
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Enjoy the holidays!