The One Thing That Bothers My Conscience

I know that I am capable of doing some things that others could never consider. If someone hurt someone I love, I could without any hesitation end that persons, life and lie about it to protect myself. If times where tuff, I could easily steal to support my family. I have no problems lying to the police or the government. But I could never have an affair. I could never betray someone’s trust so ruthlessly. I have been cheated on myself, and perhaps living through it has created my complete hatred of such an act. It is the one thing that is a complete deal breaker in a relationship to me. I still don't understand how people can do this, especially to someone who has committed themselves to them. I have had friends who have cheated on their spouses, and although they are still friends, I do not respect them the way I would had they remained faithful. Why commit yourself to someone if you want to play the field, spare them your indecency.
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Those that cheat have no idea how much they hurt those around them. I could never do that to someone I love. To cheat is to destroy the foundation of why you committed to someone in the first place. I can't stand those who cheat. It isn't a male thing. Women cheat too.

Why get married if yur gonna play the field. I just dont get it.

And if your marriage is ****, end it.

Exactly. I wouldn't put up with that. I am thankfully blessed with a wonderful woman who loves me and only me.

A lucky and rare thing to find these days.

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I liked your honesty in this. I feel a lot the same but I do have to say I've met and talked with folks on ep who are with a partner who absolutely refuses to offer up any sort of emotional or sexual bond and the one being refused has begged, talked and done every conceivable thing to try and save the relationship and for sometimes very solid reasons simply cant walk away. I have great compassion for these folks. <br />
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The ones I have No tolerance for are the ones who cheat for a "kick" they like the challenge or say they just can't control themselves. I always sort of smile when they meet up with other betrayers doing the same exact thing and they end up singing the blues because they got betrayed right back. Those who cheat for fun will just keep on doing it too anyone stupid enough to fall for their line. <br />
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I'm sorry you've been cheated on. :( That is always sad....