It's A Selfish Act

I hate it when people hurt others for their own pleasure. It is selfish, and if you never considered the feelings of another person while you do it...then you are, as a matter of fact, extremely selfish.
Life is about looking at the world in another person's perspective. To be truely kind to another person, you must be able to do this. You must. You can apologize afterwards, but it doesn't make harming another person intentionally any better.
Harming others does not make you strong. It makes you a selfish, meanancing, horrible person. When others intentionally harm me or someone else, I look at them...and the first thought is fear, but thoughts are, "I'm not a bad person. I pity those people so much, that they have to hurt others to feel powerful. I do not hurt others. I can do much better than that."

When you hurt a matter how close you are to the child, it doesn't matter if you mean well, it doesn't matter if you are not usually like that, it doesn't matter how nice you usually that instance, you become a demon, a devil, a you loom over the child and hit them again and again and they beg for mercy and yet you do not stop. They look up at you with tears running down their cheeks and the pain only makes them feel helpless, powerless, sad, humiliated, afraid...and hatred, towards the demon who ruthlessly hurts them and doesn't care about them. Hurting a child does not assert your authority, or make a good punishment. The child feels hate towards you...only hate and fear. You didn't care about them. You didn't want to help them. You only cared about what you saw, you only cared about how you felt. You didn't stop when they begged you to. You were a devil. And they will never forget it. Everytime they think of the time when you hurt them like that...they will hate you, but more than that...they will curl up in bed and cry...because they feel so humiliated, worthless and weak. They had to beg for mercy and you could hurt them but they could not protect themselves. They feel useless, helpless, and weak. Believe it or not,'s themselves...and not you...who they will hate the most.

This is the point of view, the feelings, of a child who was intentionally hurt. I know that's how I felt. And that's why I don't hurt people intentionally. When you don't feel the consequences, but someone else will, perhaps for many years to come.

Thank you for reading this. Please think of others and do not hurt anyone.
iEatFood iEatFood
Oct 7, 2013