Not On Purpose!

I never would hurt anyone on purpose but I think I already have on here. My sense of humor is my enemy. What I write jokingly I think has been taken seriously AND what I have written seriously has been taken jokingly.

I ran across this site by complete accident but I love it here. I am just trying to fit in somewhere. To anyone that I have offended I am very sorry.

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4 Responses Mar 9, 2009

THANK YOU ALL!!!!! This misunderstanding has been cleared and THANKFULLY I have ran into nothing but the nicest of folks here. You all, one by one are becoming like a second family. I stumbled here by accident or "maybe" I was directed here by a higher power. Either way I sure am happy to have found you all!!! :)

It is very easy to misunderstand the written word, unless you tend to be one of those people like me that often uses WAY too many words to get a simple point across...especially if you have a dry sense of humor to begin with. I have often had people misunderstand my intentions in emails or stories, and I have learned the hard way that emoticons and "LOL" are my best friends! haha All you can do is apologize (which you already have here in this story) and move forward. And Sahira has a good point (as she usually does...*winks*)...sometimes it just takes a little bit to find those people that you click with, even here. I wish you the best of luck in finding those that "get" you! :D<br />
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i think it will all be ok- its over now anyway!

When I first came upon them, I thought emoticons (those keyboard combination facial representations) were absurd. But I came to discover that one of the limitations of email, IM, texting, etc. is the difficulty in conveying sarcasm and irony. Those silly, little emoticons can and do help clarify the intent behind the sometimes ambiguous words on a screen. On a site like EP, especially, where members do not typically meet each other in the flesh, misunderstandings are predictable and inevitable. Perhaps we should all resist the temptation to act on our initial interpretation of a message. Things Are Not Always As They Appear.