Oh. Hell. No.

I was actually considering posting a picture of myself on here a few days ago (thank heavens I didn't!), but I just found out that two (real life) friends of mine have accounts on here too (when I had thought that I was the only one out of all my friends who knew about this site) and I would die of embarrassment if they were to see all my groups or potential stories and all that.  It's one thing to have people in this site that you don't know see all the stuff you write, but to have people you actually know reading all the stuff you're writing and all that (even the most personal stuff)...

That is just kind of awkward to me.
So yeah.  This is my story as to why I would NEVER post a picture of me in this site.  It would be too weird for me to write a personal story with MY picture on it so that they could see it's me.  That would have been embarrassing!

deadmoon deadmoon
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4 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Lol... and you proceeded to post about SIXTY photos of you... xD

And apparently, those two people who had accounts on here left them inactive over a year ago. Which is why I decided to take a chance and post a few for a little while and then set them to private afterwards.

I know. I'm still shocked. But only for a little while and I DID set them to private so nobody else can see them.

But you did!<br />