I Have Tried To Share...

Well, I don't know if I can join this group, but I see the point you make by starting it Kitten!

I have tried to share some of EP with my friends and family - but they just don't get it!  My family is constantly cautioning me about websites and sharing information and "you don't know who you are really talking to..."  I just wanted to share some of the wonderful friends I have made on here!  I wouldn't have gotten the kind of support in my "real life" like I have gotten on here, but they don't get that either!  LOL!

I KNOW I would never share WHO I am on here with my family and friends, because they would REALLY not get a lot of it AT ALL!!!!!  LOL!
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Well, most of my friends would not get it - you are right! AND my husband, well.... I don't need to say what he would think - he doesn't get ME!! LOL! I wish he didn't skulk around and watch my computer all the time - I am sure he has seen my ID on here! IF he hadn't, I would surely be well disguised because my ID has nothing to do with anything HE knows about me!

They don't get it sexy.. That's why I won't share......

That was a good one - I haven't been in Kansas OR the Emerald City in quite some time - I think I am still being held captive by the Flying Monkeys!! AND the Ruby Red Slippers ain't cuttin' it - no matter how many times I tap them together and say, "There's no place like home" - I am STILL here!<br />
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Home being, according the line on my profile, “Home is not where you live, but where they understand you” and THIS home does NOT understand me (except for my lovely children - they are my true lifelines!).<br />
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THANKS for the comments!

Nice...JWI...that was a good one...my turn to compliment. :-) dc

We're just not in Kansas anymore, are we Dorothy?

You may be right Z BUT since I am not doing anything that is wrong - then that person will have to accept that if "they" choose to be on here and read my stuff - then "they" only have "themselves" to blame for whatever "they" discover!

I completely agree with you SM - I need this place to unload and vent and be myself and say the things that frustrate me about my life right now. My only fear is that my husband is SECRETLY on here even though he promises he is not, but then again, I am not doing anything that I need to hide BUT I can see him reading my stories, etc... and getting very hurt and more resentful and angry! That only complicates my life further - or should I say adds a huge amount of stress to my life because of his attitude toward me only getting worse! UGH!<br />
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I am glad that you have someone from your "real life" that understands!<br />
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Reset - you need to let us know if sharing who you are on here with a friend ends up being a good thing or a bad thing - or maybe it won't mean anything - who knows?!

Most of my friends and family would not understand EP. I have however shared it with my cousin she and I are very much alike in many ways and she understands.<br />
To me though EP is my safe haven a place away from the maelstrom of everyday life. A place I can relax, open up and be myself.

ME TOO!! A safe and supportive and encouraging place AND a place where I have learned a whole about myself too!<br />
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Thanks for the comment!