And Break My Pseudo-anonymity?

Experience project is a wonderful course of catharsis for me. I have a lot of personal things that I hold close to my chest. I don't share them with everyone and something I've shared only partially with anyone.

Experience project is a way for me to let go of some of that. To get used to disclosing parts of my life, my beliefs, my trauma, my pains. It feels puerile, but it helps me to process in writing.

And the pseudo-anonymous atmosphere here is a major part of that, otherwise I could just keep a journal, you know? But, I have made a lot of progress and still have a lot of progress to make. Sharing my journey with others who have similar experiences is helpful to me. I want to connect with others to feel less alone, and I want to be able to put myself out there for others to draw on, as well.

My girlfriend is on here and can see what I write. I am uncomfortable, but okay with that. Because I do need to be able to share more about myself. I'm prone to repression. Plus, let's be real, she knows a lot of the things I post already. My other girlfriend doesn't. She's seen it and laughed at what she's glimpsed then felt bad when she realized I was serious.
Experience project is not what I would ever share. Ah hell no.
Corvid Corvid
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1 Response Oct 8, 2010

I was just wondering if you let your first GF know that you were on EP or did she just figure out that this was you? I would have kept it a secret as long as i could even though she is on here .. hahahahahahaaa just my way of thinkin. I like to be anonymous too and it does feel so great to let go and express your inner feelings that you would not express except to some groups on here who could "get you" for having those feelings :) So yea .. it is a great place to be. I'm glad you're getting a lot out of it too. I feel that way too. It is great to share yourself in a place like this. Thank God for EP lol :) xoxox