I Never Do.

I would never do that....and never will. However my STBXH has said it again and again to my face..yet walked away from me..without even telling me that he wanted to go...how does he live with himself. What goes around comes around..he will learn...
Tzodiana Tzodiana
31-35, F
1 Response Jul 16, 2010

im terrible sorry to hear that..you are probably a lot more experienced than me..nevertheless, its important to try to see things through his perspective as well..i dont know your whole story,,but, maybe hes just sending you the wrong singnals..regardless, no person should ever underestemate or take easy on the "i love you" phrase..personally, i havent said it to anyone, yet..Be confident that if hes really "the one" you will find a solution together..i really hope that youll be happy in the end..be true to yourself, and to him..When my father died, a couple of years ago, my mother said:"there will be happy days"everytime im having a hard time i think of that..sooner or later, you too, will have happy days..i wish you the best of luck!-charles