Don't Lie

well i have thiz boy named jalen hee lke mhhee i lke hym but now that hee meant mhhyy cousin he ack like he hate me now but if i ask hym in person he will hug n kiss all over me lke fck but thiz weekend coming up im going to go over where he stay at nd do wat the fck i got to do wit thiz neager ND HE WILL GET DOWN ON HIZ ************* NEES ND SAY IM SRRY BABY I WILL NEVEER DO IT AGIN nd watch i snt have to thiz but when go back over there agin he going to have a gift ring neckels ear rings toes ring maybe all dat but now that mhyyh cousin did that shyt she better noe that that fck high yellow ***** better nt come to myyhh house nd he has a child wit mee but he mad cause my phone broke he gives a fck bout that shy we cn start this famliy lke it was a first nd we n a 5 bed house no fight no robing house so i dnt caare but that ***** fck wit the wrong one i dnt know who th3 fck she thing i am i will hunt that ***** DDOOOWWWNN nd kill dat ***** hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha how that lke them apples to mee they waz good asssssss fck
lilyoung15 lilyoung15
May 13, 2012