Something I Had So Little Experience With

Love that simple elusive emotion. I figured at my age it had simply passed me by. I was never the woman to tell a man I was in love with him if I really wasn't. Brutally honest? Well I guess that is how I was. I have been a survivor all my adult life raising children alone working as a server or bartender or dancer or whatever brought the bucks into the household. But big emotional attachments? Really not me, I figured if I told you something that wasn't true I was lying to you and myself.

I got married not because I was "in love" but because he asked. Silly reason? Of course it was do I regret it? Not for an instant I have a lovely daughter from my marriage I would not trade for the world.

When you told me you loved me before we even met I was skeptical (typical me) but I so enjoyed our conversations and the ease of talking I definitely wanted to meet you and see if the sparks could fly in real life. We met the sparks did fly...definite chemistry. You told me you loved me but I told you I would never say something to you I did not mean.

You patiently waited for me to realize what it is I really felt for you and the more I have come to know the more I am so deeply in love the very first time in my life ever it is such and overwhelming feeling through my system. Is this what I was missing all my life?

I do love you very much Rick and I am very in love with you. I asked you to wait and give me time you did....I told you I would never tell you I loved you unless I really meant it...I do mean it with all of my heart, soul and being. I am blessed to have your love know that you have mine forever.
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Yes babydoll , i fell in love with you in the beginning and it grows more and more everyday it is so wonderful to have found each other to enjoy the rest of our lives together!!!!!!!!

I am just glad you were patient and waited because I wanted to be completely sure of how I feel. I love you too Rick and it is wonderful to have found each other.