Why I lie a lot, would cheat, don't believe an love, an I'm not emotional or mental stable an you could never trust me I wouldn't return your calls or show up to dates on time or not at all an I'm a bad person.
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No ure not bad... ure just unconventional which is exciting!

That is true how is that exciting

Emotional stable is boring. Im unstable too, I lie, I steal, I freak out... and I love ppl whonare outta control.

Then you would like me just fine I'm so out of control

Haha me too... outta control rebel and ******* enjoying it!

Don't get an to much trouble you don't want to end up in jail

Haha i do my best :-) But who knows maybe jail is a kool experienxe if its only for a few days.

Haha I almost went to jail my mom called the cops on me once

Oh really? What happened?

When I got home because I was out late I saw a cop an my living room an I'm like **** but I wasn't arrested because they can't arrest me for staying out to late.

Omg how silly your mum called the cops. My mum would never do, she doesnt really care bout me.

That is why you rebel because your mom doesn't care about you? Just a guess

Ima rebel cuz its fun and its in my genes... my dad was a rebel too from what i know. But sure. being so lame and boring my mum makes me brining out my rebel genes even more.

Makes sense

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So you are a female version of me. Mentally and emotional detached.

Haha yes pretty much

Why are you telling us about your faults? If you know about them already, shouldn't you have already made an effort to fix them?

I have not made a effort to fix them yet an why I'm a telling idk really just felt like it