I Still Can`t Belive It

to have a sunny day turn into a nightmare.i still can`t belive it.a simple drive down the road,how could it be.that a simple little thing,become so incredible destructive.how can pepole be so careless?and show no emotion?and when asked say s*** happens?do they have no soul?no concept of what they have done?or is it just they are that lost?she hit my freind with her car doing 70.she was in a construction zone.the flaggers tried to slow her down.but she just sped up .she hit him and sent him over one car amd into the back of another.she was let go by the stupid hilway patrol.she left the state,i heard she went to florida.i hope she can sleep at night .she took a dad from his kids,and left a wife alone to care for them.

ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

These things happen all the time in a society that no longer knows right from wrong and does not regard life as sacred. I am so sorry to read your story and could add others to it, very much like it. All WE can do is to not be like the callous and careless ones! and pray to keep our compassion.

what happened?

Ghost, what are you talking about? What happened?<br />
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