So Freaking Hot!

I've always had a crush on Hayden. People always have asked me who's Hayden who's Hayden? I'm so glad there is this group. It's now my most favorite! I would love to be in bed with this stud. If I ever **** anyone besides my husband it would be Hayden! I love this guy in pieces. It's more his looks then intelligence right now but really he's the first guy ever that I look beauty over intelligence. I know it'll only be a one night stand with Hayden so I don't have to deal with stupidity forever. I can't really assume he's stupid only for the fact I don't know him in person. What they say on the media and what you read is really different. He maybe able to memorize all of his lines but is that the only thing he can do? He may say something like he's good at history or science. But seriously  if you asked him a question in real life and he answers it completely wrong he may just be one stupid *** and really I wouldn't care about all that if it was just for one night in bed. He maybe intelligent in that area haha. :) I would totally freak out on him sexually. Remember, this is only a one night stand. Okay Arch no more your probably getting horny! Don't forget I love my husband and it's all lust towards Hayden.

GreenEyedBeauty GreenEyedBeauty
22-25, F
Feb 18, 2010