There's More Than One Way To Skin A Cat.

actually i have nothing against prostitution but i know it wouldn't be right for me. unless i had one, regular sugar daddy, the thought of sex with multiple men, men i don't know doesn't turn my pages. i found in the past that there are other methods of seperating people from their money. worked like a charm for me yes
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I have fantasized about it on many occasions, and really admire the ones that go through with it, because it must be hard to not know who will be in the car or in the room when you step in, half dressed and knowing very intimate relations are going to take place. And while I know many are just doing it for drugs, the ones that are self-conscious of it, must struggle with fear and a six sense, but at the same time they must also get to know men like few other women.

I mean I know my husband, but it took years to understand him; these women, for survival, must pick out and evaluate how a man is going to treat her or she might get into trouble. A few times in my past I wish I had that ability to spot trouble with just a casual, quick meeting.

I doubt I could ever do it in real life though. Just no disrespect for those women that do.

from what i've seen you don't necessarily have to have a perfect body to be a prostitute. perfect body or face for that matter.

I'll be much as I enjoy sex and don't get enough at home, IF I had the body I think I would possibly consider it. The thought of helping myself AND at the same time helping another man/woman to fulfill their sexual fantasies really turns me on.

you'd probably have more money, eh? lol

why thank you, hawk :)

Jerrica, I am sure that your sweet charming self could get you whatever it is was at the top of your list ;-)

i've never done it, destiney, and i wouldn't want to. it's something that i know wouldn't be for me.

i'm not doing anything, monkey, but if i were, one man would be preferable instead of many but that's just me.

now lamp, you know i'm a law abiding citizen :) i'm shocked that you would think such a thing!

Yeah. Probably slipped the guy a "Mickey" and robbed him!

just being my sweet, charming self was enough lol

and what were these methods that worked like a charm? come on, spill it lol